Fundamentals of Working on a Helpline for Healthcare Professionals and Volunteers

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Module 0   (Available free)

Introduction to the Course

Robin Daly

As the Chairman and Founder of Yes to Life, Robin will explain the importance of our Helpline to our charity and beneficiaries.


Module 1

The basics of a HelpLine and your Role

Suzanne Johnson

What is your role, what to consider and what the basics of a good Helpline service looks like.


Module 2

Communication skills

Gilly Bertram

What communications skills are required for an effective call engagement


Module 3

The call process

Suzanne Johnson

How to structure your call and how to make a good impression.

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Module 4

The challenges


How to handle difficult conversations and the different challenges you can have during a call.

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Module 5

Support after a difficult call


How to get support after a difficult call and what to do.


Module 6 

Risk Management

Miquel Leon-Canete

Considerations around Risk Management and Safeguarding.


Module 7

What to do and what not to do during a call

Gilly Bertram and Suzanne Johnson

Through practical examples and case studies, we will explore different situations and learn about the outcome.