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Horizons is a new e-learning platform that Yes to Life has launched to help professionals achieve a better understanding of the potential of Integrative Oncology to improve quality of life and outcomes.

Why Horizons?

Just as the horizon marks the line where the Earth appears to meet the sky, so too can we imagine we see the limit or range of a person's knowledge, understanding, or experience. Our mission is to overcome
such limiting beliefs and continually build a better future for cancer care
beyond the horizon.


Miquel Leon-Canete

Yes to Life Executive Director and 

Horizons Principal

Robin Daly 300x300.jpg

Robin Daly

Yes to Life Founder and Chair and Horizons Course Director

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About Yes to Life

Yes to Life empowers people with cancer to make informed decisions about their care options. For well over a decade, we have provided evidence-based information to those in need.

Most importantly, we offer individual support through:

  • our helpline

  • our website

  • information via blogs and publications

  • our book, The Cancer Revolution

  • the Yes to Life Radio Show on UK Health Radio

  • workshops, talks and conferences

  • connecting people to a wide range of specialist therapies and practitioners

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