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Cancer Through Another Lens
h thougts on the origin and mechanisms of cancer

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Presentation 1

Strengths and weaknesses of prevaling theories of cancer

Presentation one covers Marks story, establishes the benchmark parameters for assessing any cancer theory, and provides a detailed assessment of the Somatic Mutation and Metabolic Theories of cancer. The pros and cons of both theories are highlighted. A key hallmark is identified that, if explained, can point us towards uncovering the underlying mechanism and driving force behind the disease. The Hallmarks of cancer are re-organised to reflect this new interpretation.

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Presentation 2

Closing the gaps in existing theories

The second presentation establishes a new interpretation of the Warburg effect, proposing a new mechanism of cancer causation via a ‘cell suppression’ paradigm, which is distinct from the mainstream mechanism of ‘cell malfunction’ that is currently the established view underpinning all mainstream theories. This is discussed through the work of Dr Robert Naviaux and Ravid Straussman, among others. A full explanation for the consistency of the disease is presented along with a coherent explanation for the initiation phase of carcinogenesis. The multifactorial view of cancer is defined and challenged. The Hallmarks of cancer are amended to reflect this new paradigm.

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Presentation 3

Identifying the driving force

Building upon the cell suppression paradigm, the third and final presentation lays down a compelling case for a specific driver of cancer, a unique and distinct target for treatment. An explanation for the promotion and progression phases of carcinogenesis is provided, resulting in the complete explanation of all 10 Hanahan and Weinberg Hallmarks. There is a final addition to the re-ordered hallmark list.

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