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An Introduction to Integrative Oncology for Healthcare Professionals


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Module 0   (Available free)

Introduction to the Course

Dr Penny Kechagioglou

An NHS Oncologist explains why cancer patients need and deserve Integrative Oncology (IO)


Module 1

The benefits of Integrative Oncology

Dr Nina Fuller-Shavel

What IO has to offer; what IO is; does it really work alongside conventional treatments; is it science-based; is it safe?


Module 2

Exercise - a crucial resource in cancer treatment

Lizzy Davies

Why exercise; the benefits of exercise; synergies; types of exercise, when, how much; precautions; scientific basis


Module 3

Stress and resilience

Aga Kehinde

Chronic stress; existential stress; treatment stress; strategies to build resilience


Module 4

Other lifestyle interventions

Dr Sam Watts

Sleep; relationship to nature; social and personal relations; biological cycles; environmental toxins; what’s available to help?


Module 5

Complementary Therapies

Dr Caroline Hoffman

What’s on offer; how they can help; who they can help

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Module 6 

Nutrition - a vital source of resilience

Georgina Giebner

Pre-hab; during treatment; common concerns eg antioxidants + chemo; cachexia; treatment synergies and contraindications

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Module 7

Improving treatment management with nutrition

Kirsten Chick

Psychology of nutrition; post treatment rehab; ketogenics, fasting, other diets; strategies for quality of life and survival gains

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Module 8 

Holistic Healthcare

Mark Bennett 

Treating underlying causes as against controlling symptoms; health promotion through nutrition and lifestyle; functional medicine; testing and genomic profiling


Module 9

Repurposed drugs

Dr Michael Castro

Why use them; what is being used; how do they relate to conventional treatments; safety and evidence

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Module 10 

The evidence base

Debbie Grayson

Resources for IO evidence; concerns, safety and contraindications; opportunities to support patients


Module 11 (1 hour)


Dr Nina Fuller-Shavel

How to refer; how to find good practitioners;dealing with common questions eg cannabis, vitamin C; further training

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