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Cancer Through Another Lens
Fresh thoughts on the origin and mechanisms of cancer

On the 12 February 2023 a landmark cancer event took place. After 8 years of research, Mark Lintern presented his new ideas on the origin of cancer to a panel of 10 cancer experts and an audience of over 200 professionals.


The expert cancer panel consisted of four scientists, three clinicians and three expert cancer patients. These included, Professor Michael Lisanti, Professor Brigitte König, Dr Will LaValley, Dr Ahmed Elsakka, Dr Nasha Winters, Dr Sean Devlin, Dr Penny Kechagioglou, Daniel Stanciu PhD, Jane McLelland, and Mark Sean Taylor.


The online webinar lasted 6 hours and took the form of three presentations interspersed with questions and answers, the aim of which was to assess the new model of cancer being proposed. Polls were held throughout the presentations that allowed for voting on specific aspects of Mark’s theory and the evidence supporting this new perspective (1 represented a vote of no confidence, while 10 represented a vote of complete confidence)


As expected, not all were in agreement with every statement made, however, the voting was high across the board in support of the model Mark had put forward. Regarding the statement: ‘Mark has presented a coherent model of carcinogenesis and the mechanism of cancer’ the collective vote for the scientists panel was 7.0. For all expert panellists the average confidence vote was 7.7.  Notably, Dr Will LaValley provided a confidence vote of 10, while Professor Michael Lisanti gave this a confidence vote of 8.


Regarding the key statement: ‘Today’s event has changed the parameters of cancer research and treatment’ A high average confidence vote of 7.8 was received from the science panel. The average for the entire expert panel was 7.9. A stand-out confidence vote of 10 was provided by Professor Michael Lisanti, and a confidence vote of 8 was provided by Dr Will LaValley.

This course provides you with access to all three of Mark’s presentations as they were provided on the day of the event, each one is narrated by Mark himself.  These presentations will bring you up to speed with Mark’s unique interpretation of the potential mechanisms driving cancer, and the logical thought process that led him to this conclusion.

You can find the full programme here

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Mark Lintern

Driven by a desire, and later a determination to find some answers, Mark Lintern set out on a journey of intense research that was to last eight years. Frustrated by the lack of understanding he encountered when dealing with his own cancer, and then angered by the fatal consequences of this ignorance for a dear friend, he vowed to keep going until he had penetrated the cloak of complexity surrounding the disease.

Programme and Fees:
The course consist of 3 modules with extra resources and reading. All Modules are pre-recorded and can be attended at a time to suit you.

You can find the full programme here

Course Fee £65 

Included in this package:
• Access to all three presentations provided on the day of the event
• A synopsis of Mark’s thinking (PDF)
• Key images from the event (PDF)
• All the references for each presentation (PDF).

You will be able to:
• Fit lear
ning around your schedule with unlimited access
• Get evidence of learning outcomes and a certificate of attendance.

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